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Curriculum Design

K. Hamilton Projects designs arts integrated curriculum that hits upon the student’s entire holistic being. Specifically the curriculum is trained to target the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of middle school aged students, ranging in ages from 12 to 15. K. Hamilton Projects curriculum integrates common core learning standards in a nontraditional manner to get students to do and understand relevant life skills they may need as they advance through life.

Majority of K. Hamilton Projects curriculum is designed to be taught by multiple facilitators -- not just one -- to emphasize the  community and collective standards of learning that we as project value.


Below are few examples of course curriculum that K. Hamilton Projects currently offers, but is not limited to. To enquire about a curriculum specifically designed to meet your needs, please email us at khamiltonprojects


Small Dances About Big Ideas,

In this class, students learn foundations of modern dance while collaborate in small groups to create and choreograph a piece. The subject of the dance piece is a social justice concept of the student’s choosing -- i.e. bullying, obesity, etc. -- that they do own research and then design and perform their dances based on their own personal inquiries, opinion, and experiences on the subject.


The Playlist,


The student’s read a curated collection of short stories and plays and undergo a modernized character analysis to help them better understand the characters they’re reading about. Student’s ask questions about the character -- What is their attitude? How do they like to dress? How do they respond to people around them? What kind of music would this character listen to? Based on the student’s answers, we create a playlist for a specific event that character may or may not have in their life. The goal is to help students visualize what they read and fully understand the character and be able to follow and relate to them throughout their journey in the book.  

I Make Money Move,


A money management and life skills course that teaches students the often overlooked basic skills of life. For example, we take a field trip to the laundry mat where we show them how to wash and fold clothes. We also teach them the value of dollar and working for said dollar with the creation of the Hammybuck (fake money) in which students have to earn, record in a savings account, and then choose what to purchase (if anything) at the end of the week.

In addition to arts integrated curriculum, K. Hamilton Projects also teaches masterclasses in the following areas: Improvisation, Traditional West African, Modern, and Ballet.

If you want to learn more about our curriculum services, please email

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